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Delivering the Promise of sustainable, quality metal packaging


With a key focus on Service, Flexibility & Sustainability, we deliver a product that will withstand any process while having the benefit of being made of an infinitely recyclable material that is better for our environment and our future. To deliver on our promise to our partners, internal and external, we foster relationships through transparent communication.
Global Reach
Customer Service

A Family of Companies

CCA is a manufacturing company nestled in Berks County, Pennsylvania – giving us the focused regional presence that our partners are accustomed to.  However, we have the fortune of being part of a Global Network of companies under Giorgi Global Holdings, Inc. (GGH)



Safety Always

Safety is everyone’s responsibility at CCA.  All of our employees are Safety Stars and champions for the cause on the production floor.

Pivoting Capabilities are Key

Being able to Deliver the Promise and say “Yes” to you, our partner, is our primary focus.

Our Founding Principle

Quality is what we stand for and what we deliver.  We hold ourselves to the highest standard and you can be sure the product you receive is held to the same standard.

Customer Service is part of our Package

All members of the CCA team are part of the customer service experience you’ve grown accustomed to.  Head over to our Team page to learn a little more about some of the people who make it all happen.

Relationships Matter

Our vision is always thinking long-term and cultivating relationships is an important piece of that vision.  Open and honest communication across all partnerships supports this vision as well.


Metal Recycles Forever

Make the responsible choice when it comes to packaging your product. Steel cans help demonstrate your commitment to sustainability with their 100% recyclability, durability, high recycling rates, and ability to reduce food waste. Learn about sustainability within CCA and how you can leverage our products to advance your sustainability goals!


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