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Welcome to Can Corporation of America, where our unwavering commitment to Service, Flexibility, and Sustainability propels us to redefine industry standards. Imbued with an intrinsic focus on delivering products that effortlessly endure diverse processes, our offerings boast the unique advantage of being crafted from an infinitely recyclable material, a testament to our dedication to both the environment and the future we share. With transparency as the cornerstone of our relationships, we forge meaningful connections with our partners, both internal and external, fostering a collaborative environment where trust thrives. Step into a realm where our products not only meet but exceed expectations, where service is an art, flexibility is ingrained, and sustainability is a promise delivered. At Can Corp, we invite you to embrace a future shaped by resilient, eco-friendly solutions, encapsulated in every recyclable can we proudly create.

Our Commitment Our People
Our Commitment to Sustainability

Metal Recycles Forever

Elevate your commitment to sustainability by making the responsible choice in packaging your products. Opting for steel cans not only showcases your dedication to environmental responsibility but also brings numerous benefits, including 100% recyclability, unmatched durability, high recycling rates, and the capacity to minimize food waste. Dive into the sustainability initiatives within CCA to discover how our products can be leveraged to propel your sustainability goals forward. Join us in championing eco-friendly practices and creating a positive impact on the environment through the conscientious selection of packaging solutions.

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Dedication Since The Beginning

Our Heart, Soul & Core

Welcome to the heart of Can Corporation of America (CCA), where our core values serve as the compass guiding our actions and decisions. Safety is a collective responsibility, ensuring a secure workplace. Pivoting capabilities underscore our agility and commitment to delivering on promises. Our founding principle prioritizes unwavering quality, setting the highest standards for our products. Customer service is seamlessly woven into our package, reflecting the dedication of every team member. Finally, our belief that relationships matter forms the bedrock of our commitment to enduring connections. These values define CCA, shaping our identity and propelling us forward with integrity in the industry.

Why Us

CCA's Core Values

We Have a Global Reach

A Family of Companies – CCA is a manufacturing company nestled in Berks County, Pennsylvania – giving us the focused regional presence that our partners are accustomed to. However, we are fortunate enough to be part of a global network of companies operating under Giorgi Global Holdings, Inc. (GGH). Click here to learn more about the Giorgi Company.

Safety is Always Key

Safety is a collective responsibility at CCA, with every member of our team embodying the role of a Safety Star and serving as a dedicated champion for the cause on our production floor. Our commitment to a safe working environment is reflected in the proactive efforts of each employee, as they prioritize and uphold the highest standards of safety throughout our operations. With a shared dedication to fostering a secure workplace, our team at CCA stands united in ensuring the well-being of every individual on the production floor, exemplifying our steadfast commitment to a culture of safety.

Our Business is Flexible

Pivoting capabilities take center stage at CCA, where our primary focus is on delivering the promise and always saying “Yes” to you, our valued partner. The ability to adapt and pivot is ingrained in our operational ethos, allowing us to meet and exceed your expectations seamlessly. At CCA, we pride ourselves on our dynamic approach, ensuring that our commitment to delivering on promises remains unwavering. With a resolute dedication to responsiveness and flexibility, we stand ready to navigate challenges and provide solutions that align seamlessly with your needs.

Founded on The Essence of Quality

Embedded in our core is the founding principle that defines CCA — quality is not just a commitment but our very essence. Upholding the highest standard is non-negotiable for us, as we steadfastly stand by our promise to deliver products of unparalleled quality. At CCA, we hold ourselves accountable, ensuring that the products you receive are synonymous with the exacting standards that characterize our ethos. You can trust that our commitment to quality is unwavering, and each product we deliver reflects the uncompromising dedication we bring to every aspect of our work.

Unparalleled Customer Service is our Standard

At CCA, customer service is seamlessly woven into every facet of our package. Each member of our dedicated team plays a crucial role in shaping the unparalleled customer service experience you’ve come to expect from us. For a closer look at the individuals behind the scenes who contribute to making it all happen, we invite you to explore our Team page. There, you’ll gain insights into the passion and expertise that define our commitment to ensuring your experience with CCA is nothing short of exceptional.

Relationships Mean The Most

At the heart of our vision lies the enduring importance of relationships. Long-term thinking is the cornerstone of our approach, and nurturing meaningful connections is a vital component of that vision. We recognize that cultivating strong relationships is not just a goal but an integral part of our commitment to sustained success. Fostering open and honest communication across all partnerships serves as a steadfast support for this vision, ensuring that every interaction contributes to the enduring fabric of collaborative and enduring relationships.

We offer the highest quality of products on a global scale.

Crafted with precision, our cans not only meet diverse packaging needs but also elevate the overall experience, reflecting our unwavering commitment to excellence across the board.

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Focused on a sustainable approach, sustainable partnerships and a sustainable future.

-Robert Gatz, Can Corporation of America

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