Our Story

A Generational Legacy

Proudly owned by the Giorgi family for 3 generations, CCA has been on the packaging scene for almost half a century. Our reputation for quality, sustainable products has been built by the hard work and dedication of our employees; many of whom have spent their entire careers helping to build the legacy. There is more that goes into the making of a can than most people outside the industry understand. This long tenure of many integral people has helped to shape the past and inspire our future.

Kaizen in Action

Not Just Cans

Grounded in the philosophy of Kaizen, our approach revolves around constant evolution and continuous improvement driven internally. This ethos extends seamlessly from the production floor to the pinnacle of our organization, influencing every facet of our business. At CCA, we are not just in the business of making cans; we are committed to the perpetual refinement of our processes, embodying a philosophy that propels us forward in a dynamic and ever-improving journey.

1906 – How it All Started

From Italy to the United States

Embarking on a transformative journey at the tender age of 12, Pietro Giorgi, along with his family, undertook a profound expedition from the picturesque landscapes of Italy to the promising shores of America, driven by the aspiration for a fresh beginning and new opportunities. This pivotal decision to navigate across continents not only symbolized a physical relocation but also marked the commencement of a remarkable chapter in the Giorgi family’s history, as they navigated the challenges and embraced the possibilities of their adopted homeland, laying the foundation for a legacy that would resonate through generations.


Humble Beginnings

Pietro Giorgi built his first mushroom houses in Temple, Pennsylvania. Today, Giorgi Mushroom is the largest grower of mushrooms in one location and Giorgio Foods Inc. is the largest processor of mushrooms in the United States.


Vertical Integration

Due to frustrations with their suppliers at that time, from poor service to substandard quality, the decision was made to vertically integrate and CCA was founded to manufacture metal cans and ends. The frustration that inspired the creation of CCA, is the driving force behind the foundation of our business – to not repeat the mistakes that others have made.


Business Expansion

Initially created to supply Giorgio Foods only, CCA decided to branch out and extend its product offerings to a broader customer base.  This included other food producers, coffee roasters and non-food based customers as well.  From tomatoes to beans and motor oil to industrial adhesives, CCA’s cans are capable of being home to an array of products.


A home of our own

In 1984, CCA opened its first facility in Blandon, Pennsylvania; just a short distance from Giorgio Foods Inc.


CCA gets a second facility

In 1994, Can Corp needed additional space and took up residence in another Giorgio building roughly 6 miles up the road from the primary plant.  Affectionately referred to as the Berks Plant, the secondary facility was added to increase can line capacity.


Global Player

Today, CCA supports customers throughout North America.  As part of GGH’s packaging division, which also includes CANPACK group, we have a network of 31 plants that span 17 countries.

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