Why Us

Delivering the Promise

At Can Corporation of America, we strive to deliver on our promise of exceptional customer service, quality products, and reliability to our partners. Our integrated operations and collaborative culture facilitate the flexibility and responsiveness our customers rely on.

Our customer service starts with our team. With centralized operations under one roof, our staff works hand-in-hand across departments. This connects each team member to the full process from start to finish. As a result, communication flows quickly and questions get answered in moments, without red tape. Our people are empowered to make decisions and deliver for customers. Investing in professional growth for our staff also nurtures the quality manufacturing we pride ourselves on. We continue driving improvements through sustainable investments in equipment and process refinements. But quality is ultimately delivered by our skilled, cross-functional teams.

Customer Service

Our unparalleled customer service starts with our collaborative, centralized operations. With all core functions under one roof, our cross-functional teams work hand-in-hand to deliver for our partners. Sales, design, manufacturing, and delivery staff are just steps away, facilitating seamless communication and transparency. This integrated structure allows us to respond to customer needs with unmatched speed. Questions get answered within moments without having to navigate organizational silos. Our customers know we can pivot swiftly to address last-minute changes or urgent requests. This exceptional flexibility is only possible through our unified operations and culture of teamwork. We break down internal barriers so we can be nimble and reactive to serve customers.


Delivering consistent, flawless quality is central to our commitment. Our journey began when frustration with existing packaging quality drove us to found CCA. We knew we could do better. Rather than focus on equipment alone, we invest equally in cultivating a team of skilled professionals. Our people are the heart of quality manufacturing. We nurture a culture of learning and growth, providing ongoing training to uphold rigorous standards. Collaboration between departments ensures best practices are shared across our facility. We also make sustainable investments in improving processes and equipment. But high-quality production ultimately comes down to our empowered, dedicated staff. When people are valued and developed, quality follows. Our integrated approach delivers every time.


Understanding your complex supply chain needs drives our commitment to flexibility. With years of partnering with food processors, we recognize the intricacies of getting products from field to customer. Disruptions anywhere along the way require responsive suppliers. At CCA, we position ourselves to be that seamless, flexible partner. Our specialty is delivering reliable packaging when and how you need it, despite last-minute variables. By centralizing operations, our teams can pivot swiftly to adjust to priority changes or rush orders. Our culture of cross-department collaboration enables us to rework schedules and reallocate resources quickly. While supply chains grow more complex, we simplify the process through responsiveness. When the unexpected occurs, rely on our flexibility.


Safety begins with employee empowerment. We nurture a culture where every team member is encouraged to speak up about potential hazards. Our open-door policy means employees get full support from management to address unsafe conditions immediately. We reinforce safety top of mind through daily huddles to discuss any concerns. Additionally, every week we conduct interactive safety training to engage the team. This regular safety education ensures best practices stay front and center. Our diligent equipment inspection and maintenance regimen also proactively identifies risks. While systems matter, our employees are our first line of defense. By enabling staff to take safety into their own hands, we sustain a culture of accountability. Our team-based approach means no safety issue goes unseen.

Additionally, Can Corporation of America proudly upholds its commitment to food safety and quality management through its attainment of Safe Quality Food (SQF) Certification. This esteemed certification, overseen by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and administered by NSF Food Safety Certification, LLC, validates the company’s adherence to stringent standards rooted in Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP). By achieving SQF Certification, Can Corporation of America showcases its unwavering dedication to maintaining the highest standards of safety and quality across its diverse operations, including food and ingredient manufacturing, packaging, distribution, transportation, and more. This certification not only underscores the company’s pledge to deliver safe and reliable products but also fosters confidence among consumers and stakeholders alike.

Global Reach

Our worldwide network provides resources and knowledge that benefit our customers. As part of a family of international businesses, we can leverage shared expertise in innovative packaging solutions. This global perspective helps us anticipate emerging trends and develop cutting-edge products. Our scale also enables investments in advanced equipment and sustainable processes that keep us on the leading edge. At the same time, our local centralized operations allow us to be nimble and responsive. Our team adapts global learnings to the unique needs of North American customers. With worldwide capabilities but localized agility, we deliver both breadth of knowledge and depth of service. Our global advantage means more value for our partners.


Collaboration is at the heart of our model. Internally, we nurture relationships across departments by breaking down silos. This connects every team member to the broader mission and customer experience. Externally, we forge lasting partnerships with customers and vendors through trust and transparency. Taking time to truly understand your business needs allows us to become an integrated part of your supply chain. Our full-service approach also simplifies the process by consolidating design, manufacturing, and delivery. Mutual commitment leads to shared success. We leverage partnerships across our global family of businesses to develop innovative solutions. Our collaborative culture internally and externally powers our agility. Together, we can achieve more.

“Delivering on the promise for every client!”

-Robert Gatz, Can Corporation of America

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