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Why Us

“Delivering the Promise”

Customer Service

Our customer service is what facilitates our flexibility. What makes CCA special is our integrated team approach with centralized operations. All aspects of our business happen under one roof, with each integral team member only steps away from one another. This drives collaboration, transparency, communication, and teamwork. It is also what allows for unmatched reaction times. If you need an answer, it takes as little as moments, with no red tape.


CCA was founded as a result of frustrations with the quality of packaging that our sister company was receiving for their mushrooms. It is a mistake that we don’t want to make in our operations. Quality is not just driven by process improvements and investment in equipment. It must be driven, in tandem, by investing in our people. We have established a culture where all professionals are given the opportunity to learn and grow, in order to maintain the quality product we expect to manufacture. All of this is driven by sustainable investment and is what helps us to continue Delivering the Promise, today. 


Our specialty is supplying food processors throughout North America. Through years of collaboration, we understand the complexities and the challenges you face to get fresh products out of the field and deliver the final products to your customers.  We want to be the simple step in your process by providing quality packaging when you need it.  If your plans change last minute, so can ours.  Our flexibility is something we take pride in.


To perpetuate a Safety Culture, involvement must start where the issues can arise. If our employees see anything unsafe, they are encouraged to say something and will have full management support.  We require weekly safety standup training and discuss any areas of concern daily.  We also take steps to continually increase safety awareness across all operations. We want you to know you are safe at work when you’re with CCA

Global Reach

Being part of a network of companies allows us the competitive advantage of conducting business on an international level and the financial stability to invest in equipment and processes that foster our key differentiator in the industry – Flexibility. In addition, the collaboration that exists between our sister companies encourages growth and exponentially increases industry knowledge.


Relationships, internal and external, are what make all other factors a possibility. We foster internal relationships and collaboration across teams to drive successful external relationships with our partners. As a strong proponent of establishing true partnerships with vendors and customers, many of our most successful endeavors have been through mutual collaboration with external partners.