Small Changes, Outsized Impact

At Can Corporation of America, we are committed to continuous improvement and innovation in can design. While the basic construction of a steel can has remained largely unchanged for decades, we are constantly seeking ways to optimize our products and processes with sustainability in mind. Our focus areas include light-weighting cans to reduce materials usage, evaluating new coatings to extend product shelf life, and partnering with customers to develop cans tailored to their unique needs. Even small changes can have an outsized impact on product quality, manufacturing efficiency, and our environmental footprint. Our team of engineers and technicians leverage their deep expertise to find solutions that balance performance and sustainability. Through persistence and creativity, we aim to build a better can and a better tomorrow for Can Corporation of America.

Innovation & Design

With a focus on Sustainability and continuous improvement, it is our goal to perpetually seek out ways to improve our products. Fundamentally, a can is still made today the same way it has been for decades. However, we are always working on ways to make the can lighter, while still maintaining its integrity and strength. By focusing on light-weighting, we can work towards multiple Sustainability goals. As we make our cans lighter, we are using less and fewer resources to create the same product. In addition, as the cans become lighter it impacts transportation costs and emissions. The environment needs our help, and we are taking the steps we can, to make impactful changes.

Technical Expertise

Our Technical Services Department is your resource for new product development, regulatory concerns, and any quality questions. Our team serves as a liaison between our partners and our plant, and we are here to support you. We can help your organization with pack studies, coating reviews, and other aspects of the can manufacturing process to increase product shelf life and meet industry standards. Our technicians have an extensive comprehension of the can manufacturing process.

Customer Equipment Specialists

Our Customer Equipment Specialists (CES) have over a century of combined experience in the industry and are available to help you with any issues related to can processing equipment. Our Seamer Services technicians can travel to your site to troubleshoot and make repairs, alterations, or adjustments as needed. Additionally, our Engineers are available for consultation and assessments.

Food Cans

CCA offers packaging options that can extend the shelf life of a variety of food products, which is especially important in a time when food insecurity is a global concern. Our size offerings range from small 202 diameter cans to large 603 diameter cans. We also offer many different specifications of steel, coatings, and end profiles.

Our Sales and Technical Services teams will work with you, our partners, to determine which combination is right for your product and application. Steel cans are known for their unmatched strength and are designed to withstand the rigorous processes utilized in the industry. Please contact us today to discuss your options.

Coffee Cans

When selecting a container to pack roasted coffee, you have many options. However, when it comes to freshness and sustainability – steel is the superior choice. We offer many specifications of steel containers for coffee, including coatings developed for flavored coffee. Let us know if you have any specific requirements or questions.

We offer different end profiles for our cans, including valved or non-valved foil ends. Steel cans have become significantly lighter in the past 20 years due to advancements in the canning industry. If you would like to add a unique touch to your can, we also offer litho possibilities. Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you offer fresher coffee to your customers.

General Line Cans

Our general line cans can be used to pack anything from motor oil to industrial adhesive. We offer the same range of can sizes across all product offerings, so you can find the perfect size for your needs. Our steel cans are hermetically sealed, ensuring that your product is safe and secure. Give your product a touch of class by packing it in an attractive and safe metal package.

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