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Our Commitment to Sustainability

For CCA, sustainability is an important part of our priorities because it is core to our values and culture. We are committed to environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and to conducting business in a planet-friendly manner. We aim to advance the sustainability of our operations through our sustainability program, internal and external engagement and using the support of our supply chain.

CCA’s passion for continuous improvement and efficiency is reflected in our approach to sustainability as well.

Focused on a sustainable approach, sustainable partnerships and a sustainable future.

Robert Gatz, Can Corporation of America

Cans make the world go ’round

A circular material for a circular future.

Here is a look into the steel can manufacturing process, throughout this cycle there are multiple ways to promote sustainability

Infinitely Recyclable

Metals are considered permanent materials and due to their properties,

roughly three quarters of all steel ever produced is still in circulation.

A product with impressive credentials

Recycling Rate

Steel is North America’s most recycled material. As manufacturers of steel cans, we are fortunate to work with the highest recycled packaging material.

Steel Attributes

Steel cans help preserve product quality while offering the best barrier properties to prevent spoilage. They also help prolong shelf life and prevent food waste.

Recycling Access

Many local recycling facilities accept steel cans. This is due to their ease of separation and higher resale value compared to other packaging materials.


Steel cans are 100% recyclable

Unlike most packaging materials, steel does not degrade when recycled, this makes it possible to recycle steel into higher grade materials.

Steel is the most recycled material in the world.

Recycling steel saves nearly 74% of the energy used to produce it from raw materials.

To put it simply –

Metal Recycles Forever!

Packaging That Makes Recycling Sense

Steel cans are one of the few packaging materials that make recycling an effective process.

  • It is easy to sort & process
  • It has high accessibility rates and is easy for the consumer to recycle
  • Existing recycling infrastructure in the United States widely supports steel recycling
  • As a simple material, with no complex composites, it is easier to upcycle cans into inputs for other purposes

It’s all in the can!!

Apart from the excellent recyclability, our products help:

  • Fight food waste by preserving perishable & seasonal fresh food that would go to waste if not canned
  • Help pack affordable food products and extend shelf life
  • Preserve the nutritional value of food with minimal, to no, addition of preservatives
  • Encourages cooking at home which promotes a healthy lifestyle


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