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One Team, One Vision,
One Integrated Process

Centrally located for optimum cross-functionality, we are fully integrated across our equipment and our people to ensure the collaboration and transparency that is vital in our business. We have quite literally broken down the barriers of communication by embracing the open office movement which allows communication to flow seamlessly and facilitates quicker decision-making, supporting the integrated atmosphere we encourage!

The Manufacturing & Operations Team

Our business relies on a talented group of individuals who are responsible for making, testing, and shipping our products. This group consists of manufacturing line workers, technicians who keep the lines running, engineers who design and implement critical changes for efficiency, and logistics crew who keep things moving. They are an integral piece of the puzzle that makes our business successful. If you’re interested in joining our team, please connect with us to find out what positions are currently available or check us out on ZipRecruiter.

Customer Service & Beyond

CCA’s team members are the face and heart of the company. They are committed to building strong relationships with their partners by taking the time to understand their day-to-day complexities. You may have already met some of them and had meaningful conversations on how CCA can continue to deliver its promise. If you haven’t, you can put a face to a name and read a little bit about each of them below.


Environmental, Health, and Safety Manager

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Customer Service

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Logistics Manager

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Asst Controller & Cost Accountant

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Director of Operations

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Human Resources Manager

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Production Manger

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Purchasing Manager

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Facilities Manager

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Customer Service

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VP of Engineering & Manufacturing

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Production Mechanic Manager

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Plant Manager, Berks Can Facility

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Materials Manager

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VP & General Manager

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Business Unit Controller

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Customer Service

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Customer Service & Sales Director

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Technical Services Manager

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